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2011 international essay contests for young people

2011 international essay contests for young people2011 international essay contests for young people -Grameen Bank’s success in combining social responsibility with a profit-motive lies in three innovative techniques.Overall, the Grameen model is a creative and sustainable engine for what the Nobel Committee called, ‘development from below.’ The micro-credit industry has boomed in recent years as more and more companies realize small loans to the poor can work and even be profitable.(Self-published works or works with a distribution of less than 100 copies are not considered toward the count of 2 publications.) Each entry must be accompanied by a $12 fee, which includes both the reading fee and a copy of the spring issue of Nimrod.The winning story will be awarded $3000 and publication online.A rural Bangladeshi woman will most likely take more time to repay her loan than a corporate lawyer in Tokyo.The book must be written for adults (no children’s or YA). He completed The Lemon Tree House Residency for Writers in Tuscany and was awarded Honorable Mention by Writers of the Future. Submit eight copies of a short story collection or a novel (or bound galleys) published in 2017 by August 15. The wordier counterpart of the other Glimmer Train contest above. Most entries run from 3,000 to 6,000 words, but any lengths Ten awards of $6,000 each and ten awards of $2,000 each are given twice yearly to poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers with children.A prize of $3,000, publication in Glimmer Train Stories, and 20 copies of the prize issue is given twice yearly for a short story. Writers with at least one child under the age of 18 are eligible.“Development from Below: The Grameen Bank Model for Alleviating Poverty” On October 13, 2006, the Nobel Committee announced it would award the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize to Bangladeshi banker and economist Muhammad Yunus for his “efforts to create economic and social development from below…” through his pioneering approach to micro-credit.This same situation could be seen in the lives of many milk farmers in Gujarat, India, in the 1940s as thousands of dairymen were exploited by milk distributors, who made the profit while the producers were left with nothing.By 1983, Grameen Bank had become an independent bank, and, by 2007, it had provided loans to more than 7.3 million people, with over half breaking the cycle of poverty within five years of taking a Grameen loan.$500 prizes will be awarded and the winning manuscript will appear in the spring issue of Nimrod.First, the bank has eschewed the standard system of collateral in favor of a trust-based lending system, thereby freeing up its ability to deal with poor rural communities.Simultaneously, ‘microproducers’ must have access to global markets for his or her labor at fair prices,” said author C. The GCMMF adheres to strict international quality control standards and markets these high-quality goods under the brand Amul. A lot of literary journals close their reading periods and are slower to respond, but there are still opportunities out there! Winners will be offered a competitive book contract for full-market, frontlist release by by 2040 Books, an imprint of the Santa Fe Writers Project. One poem and one prose piece (fiction or creative nonfiction) will be chosen for publication in our 2018 prize issue, and winning authors will receive $1,000 each.All-writer-voted and open to all, Sixfold three-round manuscript voting is the most rigorous, thorough, fair, and transparent editorial selection process available.Using the online submission system, submit a story of Three prizes are given annually to a poet, a fiction writer, and a creative nonfiction writer to honor their first published books.All winners and honorable mentions will receive agency review by: Nat Sobel from Sobel Weber, Victoria Cappello from The Bent Agency, and Mark Gottlieb from Trident Media.The key to Grameen Bank’s success lies in its ability to understand the local and cultural dimensions of its customer base and adapt its business model accordingly.The $15 entry fee includes a one-year subscription to Crazyhorse.2011 international essay contests for young peopleWithin that dynamic, individuals act for the benefit of their family and avoid certain actions to not bring ‘shame’ on their clan.Another major criticism of Grameen has been that its merger of economic and social policy within its business goes too far.One runner-up receives $100 and acknowledgment in that issue.Using the online submission system, submit up to 10 poems totaling no more than 15 pages or up to 15 pages of prose with a biography, an artist statement, a project statement, a curriculum vitae, and an entry fee by August 31. As always, 100% of this fee goes to our jurors, who are also fellow parent artists and writers themselves. Submit a prose manuscript of The Cincinnati Review invites submissions for the annual Robert and Adele Schiff Awards in Poetry and Prose.Many companies today give back to society after becoming successful.In so doing, the bank exploits social capital and peer pressure by fostering mutual support within the group and a ‘spirit of repayment.’ Solidarity lending works well in the tribal and communitarian mindset of many rural communities, where notions of ‘shame’ and ‘honor’ are a key part of life.Second and third place stories will be awarded publication and $200 and $100 respectively.Winners receive $1000 and publication in BWR 44.2, our Spring/Summer 2018 issue.I’ve curated another list of promising contests for your submitting convenience. All entries will be considered for publication in The Cincinnati Review.Please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted elsewhere.Its 16 Decisions make full use of familial bonds for business purpose, stating, “We shall collectively undertake bigger investments for higher income,” and, “If we come to know of any breach of discipline in any centre, we shall all go there and help restore discipline.” Nevertheless, Grameen has not gone without criticism.Grameen’s union of social and fiscal policy presents the potential to create positive social transformation in some of the world’s poorest communities.Jeffrey Tucker, of the Mises Institute, writes, “[Grameen’s] ‘16 Decisions’ that must be adopted by all borrowers read like a party platform for collectivist regimentation… ” Moreover, Grameen has a tendency to challenge accepted social norms in Bangladesh.In rural Bangladesh, the core social unit is not the individual, but the extended family.Below are the four winning essays in the “Socially Responsible Business” category, which asked students to highlight a private sector company that has created a lasting positive impact on the community – local, national and/or global — through socially responsible policies.To rid the world of poverty, “each…‘microconsumer’ must have access to world-class products and services. In the GCMMF, the milk producers sell directly to the consumers to eliminate the exploitation of the middlemen and allow the milkmen to earn a wage 15% higher than the national average.Grade Winners First Place Matthias Nikaj Francis Parker School, San Diego, Calif.Microfinance is an original and profitable way for companies, especially banks, to expand their business while promoting larger social goods.Two honorable mentions will receive $250, and all entries will be considered for paid publication on our website as Online Exclusives. Five prizes of $10,000 are each given annually for a novel or short story collection published in the current year by a writer age 35 or younger. Arthur Klepchukov writes literary and speculative fiction from numerous cafes and the occasional park. Follow his writing journey at Arsenal of Words and on Twitter. 2011 international essay contests for young people In that sense, Grameen’s redefinition of “defaulting” on a loan is excusable.Second Place Sharvani Srivastava Mira Loma High School, Sacramento, Calif.Unlike most high-quality products, Amul products are available not only in large cities, but also in villages throughout India for low prices so all microconsumers, even the poorest classes, are able to afford world-class nutritious food.One of the 16 Decisions is, “We shall not practice child marriage,” which seems to have little to do with the prospective value of borrowers.Editors will read entries blind and select a 1st place winner and 3 runners-up. Our Short Story Award For New Writers, our biggest submission period of the year.The system of credit developed in New York and London may be entirely ineffective in the Tangail District of Bangladesh and, similarly, what works in Chittagong may not work elsewhere.Winners will have the chance to work with the Nimrod board of editors to refine and edit their manuscripts before publication.Though a ban on child marriage is laudable, tying it to one’s ability to take a loan may constitute an overreach.In preparation for its launch, Knowledge@Wharton High School held a contest in which it invited high school students from across the U. and the world to submit essays on their choice of two topics: “Starting a New Business” or “Socially Responsible Business.” From the several hundred entries, judges chose four high school students (two each from grades 9-10 and 11-12) as winners in each of two topic categories.The GCMMF is entirely based upon the latter form of corporate social responsibility.Raiffeisen, a major European bank with net income of $2.4 billion, launched its micro-credit segment, focusing almost exclusively on loans to small businesses and rural borrowers in response to the success of Pro Credit Bank, a microfinance bank operating in 22 developing countries that is organized partly around the principles of Grameen.We do consider stories of all kinds, so we encourage you to interpret this as broadly as you like.There is a $20 entry fee for each submission ($30 for international submissions).Second, to keep up payback rates and encourage fiscal responsibility, Grameen has adopted solidarity lending.Anthony Grooms, Elizabeth Nunez, Francine Prose, and Patricia Towers will judge.Grameen, through solidarity lending, targets extended families instead of individuals.Seven-month fellowships, which include a stipend of $1,000 each, are given annually to emerging poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers who lack access to financial and creative support.As the power of corporations and their influence rises with globalization, companies like Grameen Bank provide a positive example of how the force and dynamism of the free market can be harnessed for the greater good of all.From this hopeless situation grew a new company, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (GCMMF), to help the poor farmers rid themselves of the manipulative middlemen.In the summer of 2008, I witnessed the rise of microfinance firsthand when I interned at Raiffeisen Bank’s newly started microfinance segment in Tirana, Albania. 2011 international essay contests for young people Additionally, though charitable contributions do provide the bank with a sort of guarantee on its loans, these contributions are not enough to account for the entirety of Grameen’s success and profit.The winners are also invited to visit several of the 13 GLCA colleges, where they will give readings, meet with students, and occasionally lead discussions and classes. Before you submit, please remove your name and any other identifying information from your manuscript.“The Milk of Farmers’ Labor: Corporate Social Responsibility Under the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited” After visiting countless traders, the exhausted milk farmer walked home with a mere five rupees in his pocket.Give us the stories you’re too scared to share with your peers, the ones so ugly you’re sure no one would publish them.Open only to writers whose work has not appeared or is not scheduled to appear in more than 2 publications.The 2017 Profane Fiction Prize will be judged by Devin Murphy. The prize is $1,000, publication in our Winter 2017 issue, and a blurb from the contest judge.Give us the riotous ones, the mad ones, the defiant ones.To create each issue, hundreds of writers vote to select the best fiction and poetry manuscripts with much more discernment than any other editorial.Beyond solidarity lending, however, Grameen Bank takes a more holistic approach, creating a social compact, the “16 Decisions,” between the bank and the community – perhaps its most innovative contribution to micro-credit.Since then, the GCMMF has not only survived, but also flourished due to its dedication and sincerity towards socially responsible policies while maintaining high profits.Emerging writers only (We are interested in offering a larger platform to new writers.Submit up to 10 pages of poetry or Established Professional Fellowships of $6,000 each and Emerging Artist Fellowships of $3,000 each are given annually to Delaware poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers who have lived in Delaware for at least one year prior to application and who are not enrolled in a degree-granting program.We may consider any submission for general publication.Through solidarity lending, Grameen lends money to ‘solidarity groups,’ usually of around 20 to 30 people, as opposed to individuals.Finalists will be announced and considered for publication. You may submit *We use the term “trans” in its most inclusive sense, as an umbrella term encompassing transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, Two-Spirit people, and more generally, anyone whose gender identity or gender expression is nonconforming and/or different from their gender assigned at birth.Submit 15 to 20 pages of poetry or prose by August 1. A prize of $10,000 is given annually to an emerging African American writer for a short story collection or novel published in the current year.All entrants receive a one-year subscription to BWR as a thank-you for your interest and support. Established in 2008, the contest awards its winner $1,000 and publication in the journal.We accept only previously unpublished work for publication.Give us stories that are bold, that are daring, that mock and ridicule, that sneer, that disgust and appall and shock.By charging this fee, we can insure that at least two jurors will review each application. Multiple submissions are welcome, as are simultaneous submissions. 2011 international essay contests for young people (Self-published works or works with a distribution of less than 100 copies are not considered toward the count of 2 publications.) Each entry must be accompanied by a $12 fee, which includes both the reading fee and a copy of the spring issue of Nimrod. 2011 international essay contests for young people

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